Bespoke Bridal Service
Bespoke Bridal Service
Bespoke Bridal Service

Bespoke Bridal Service

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Calling all brides - this is your ultimate wedding dress shopping experience!

Have you always had a dream gown since you were a little girl? Or have you been having trouble finding the one wedding dress?

Fear not, we are here to help!

The Bespoke Bridal service is the epitome of luxury, and having a one-of-a-kind dress made for you, and only you, in the entire world is a special feeling.

We start off with a friendly chat to get to share your ideas and conjure some quick croquis.

With the selected design, you're measured up and we meet again for your first fitting. 

During your first fitting, you get to meet the first-ever version of your wedding dress. You try it on, and I work my magic on you.

By this time, we would have already decided on the fabric for your design, or you are going about to choose them from a selection of swatches.

After some time, you come back for the second fitting and this is when you start to see your dress become reality. It's made in the fabric we chose together, and your exclusive idea is coming to fruition.

By the final fitting, everything will be completed and you try on the final, finished dress. Your wedding dress, your one and only, custom creation.

After that, you know what's next. Happily ever after!

The Bespoke Bridal service starts at $1500 and will vary depending on your design specifications. A quote will be given upon meeting for your final design.